Monday, 1 August 2011

Salam and Hi!!

What's up?? How your RAMADAN? Challenging? Tired? HAPPY!! Thank god...
As you all know that is my FIRST POST for our ETG022 Blog.

Nothing much to say, No idea ^.^" actually...
Anyway, have a good time this Ramadan..
Hope no one of us will, break our fast without GOOD REASON and give a SO-CALLED-INNOCENT-REASON WHY their do such thing??

p/s: this message are more focusing our MUSLIM member especially to WHO called HIMSELF a MAN, YOUNG MAN, HANDSOME MAN, GOOD MAN, INNOCENT MAN...

Enough with the praising people... Right now 6:15pm already, merely time FOR MAGHRIB that we all waiting for MAKAN!!!


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