Tuesday, 16 August 2011

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Some beautiful quotes of the Prophet Muhammad

"Do not envy one another; do not hate one another; do not turn away from another; and do not undercut one another, but be you. O servants of Allah, brothers."

"Fear Allah wherever you are, and follow up a bad deed with a good one and it will wipe it out, and behave well towards people."

"There is nothing heavier in the scales than good character."

The Prophet (saas) made the following recommendations to his companions:

"Bad conduct destroys divine service as condiment destroys honey."

"Honour a believer for his religion. Think him superior for good conduct and wisdom."

"Verily, Allah is Graceful and He loves Grace. Pride is disdaining the truth (out of self-conceit) and contempt for the people."

"Arrogance means ridiculing and rejecting the Truth and despising people."

"Do not turn away a poor man...even if all you can give is half a date. If you love the poor and bring them near you...Allah will bring you near Him on the Day of Resurrection."

"He who seeks repentance (from the Lord ) before the rising of the sun from the west (before the Day of Resurrection), Allah turns to him with Mercy."

"Paradise is nearer to any of you than the strap of his shoe, and so is the (Hell) Fire."

"Whoever killed a person who is granted the pledge of protection by the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise."


"Rasulullah (saas) was so clean, clear, beautiful and handsome."

'He was neither very tall nor excessively short, but was a man of medium size. He had neither very curly nor flowing hair but a mixture of both... He was reddish-white, he had wide black eyes and long eyelashes. He had protruding joints and shoulder-blades… Between his shoulders was the seal of prophecy... He had a finer chest than anyone else, was truer in utterance than anyone else, had the gentlest nature and the noblest lineage. Those who saw him stood suddenly in awe of him and those who shared his acquaintance loved him. Those who described him said they had never seen anyone like him before or since'.

"His expression was pensive and contemplative, serene and sublime. The stranger was fascinated from the distance, but no sooner he became intimate with him, than this fascination was changed into attachment and respect. His expression was very sweet and distinct. His speech was well set and free from the use of superfluous words, as if it were rosary of beads. His stature was neither too high nor too small. He was singularly bright and fresh. He was always surrounded by his Companions. Whenever he uttered something, the listeners would hear him with rapt attention and whenever he issued a commandment, they vied with each other in carrying it out."

"He used to smile much before his companions…"

"I have not seen anyone who makes a person more cheerful than Rasulullah (saas)."

"Rasulullah (saas) used to mingle with us and joke."

Imam Ghazzali, after studying all the Hadiths, summed Muhammad (saas) up in the following words:

"The Holy Prophet (saas) was the most patient among men, the bravest, the best judge, and he who pardoned most. ... he was the most charitable man. He did not pass a single night hoarding a single dirham or dinar. Whenever any excess money came to him and if he did not then get anyone to accept it as charity, he did not return home till he gave it to the poor and the needy. He did not store up for more than a year the provision of his family members which Allah was pleased to give him. He used to take one fifth of what easily came to him out of dates and wheat. What remained in excess, he used to give in charity. He used to give away in charity to him who begged of him of anything, even out of his stored up provision.

He did not take any revenge for personal wrongs but he used take it for preservation of the honor of Allah.

He used to speak the truth even though it was sometimes a cause of trouble to himself and his companions.

He was the most modest, without pride, and his tongue was most eloquent without prolongation of speech. His constitution was the most beatiful. No worldly duties could keep him busy.

He used to go even to a distant place to see the sick, loved scents and hated a stench or bad smell, sat with the poor and the destitute, ate with them, honored those possessing honor, advised them to do good and show kindness to relatives. He did not treat harshly to anybody and accepted excuses offered to him.

He accepted sports and pastimes as lawful, played with his wives and held races with them.... He did not hate the poor for their poverty nor fear the kings for their mighty power. He used to call the people, high or low towards Allah. Allah adorned him with all the qualities and good administration

At the time when the Quran was being revealed to him, he used to smile most. When something happened, he entrusted it to Allah, kept himself free from his own strength and ability and said in invocation: 'O Allah, show me truth in a true manner or give me grace to give it up. You guide to the straight path whomsoever You will.'

Allah revealed the Quran to him and through it He taught him good manners."


"All of my Ummah (followers) will enter the Paradise (il-lâ man abâ) except for those who hold themselves back and refuse to enter it." When they asked who would refused Paradise, Muhammad (saas) replied: "Whoever obeys me and follows me enters the Paradise. (Wa man 'asànî) whoever disobeys me and does not follow my path, my sunnah, (faqad abâ) he would refrain from entering the paradise."

"Try to pass your mornings and evenings in a state where your heart is free from all ill-feelings, jealousy and hatred for everyone, and remember that this is my Sunnah, and he who loves my Sunnah will be with me in paradise."

In The Quran Muhammad is promised Paradise

"Verily We have promised thee (Muhammad) the Kauther (a fountain in paradise), So pray unto thy Lord and sacrifice! The one who hates you shall be cut off of hope!"

"Drink once from this spring my dear friend; you will never feel thirsty again. Then something happens to you, and you get excited so much that you could neither cry nor stop." -Turkish Poet, Arif Nihat Asya.

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