Monday, 27 June 2011

hmm... kay....

Mr Bala: Hi students of Group 22, please post matters that are more relevant to your studies, course, etc. And also watch the language, please. You are supposed to use this Blog to practise and improve your writing, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

most romantic quote ever :)

''The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.''

dont u agree ? HAHA 

Friday, 24 June 2011


Anybody agree with me that next week is a tiring week?? uhhh.. next week, a lot of new things to be learned. plus the assignment and tutorial work. plus the physics lab report. and also...last but not least.. PRE-CALCULUS TEST, ENGLISH TEST and PHYSICS TEST. aaaaaaa..... now I know how difficult life in the university. huhuhu..

Wednesday, 22 June 2011




The beginning...
Something strange to me,
Something new to me,
Something seem like a freak to me,

It seem intimate to me,
It isten to my heart,
my soul,
and my mind,
It touches me warmly,
It caress me gently,
and I started to love it...

The "violin"...

A chinese violin...
namely "erhu" in chinese...
I found my music life here...
Something strange to something familiar!

That is it!
I found it!



Sunday, 19 June 2011

3d is awesommme !

just enjoy the showwwww !

anyway guys , just share anything interesting in this blog . this blog kinda silent , deserted and not alive . so i hope we all just keep being active so this blog will be the best blog ever in our batch :D . haha take care yall .

Happy Fathers' Day :))))

Happy Fathers' Day!!!

How you guys celebrate your Father' Day?
I can sure that most of us cannot celebrate with our father, right??
Haiz~~~So Sad!!!~~

My father now at Singapore~
Every year was the same for me~
Nothing special for every year~Haiz~
Hope for some surprise=((
Every year just a simple saying “HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!!”

I hope for more~
I hope I can celebrate with him once~
I hope I can say those three words in front of him~but not through the phone~
Just a simple wish~
When can it be fulfilled??
No one can tell me...............

 But is lucky to have a father~
I appreciate it so much~
I am lucky than those people who lost their father~
I am still the lucky one~
So I just wanna say...........

HaPpY fAtHeRs' DaY

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Friday, 17 June 2011


anybody know how to be an actor? i actually not good in this thing... what a shame to acting in front of everybody...haaiiii..I easily getting nervous in front of people.. .I don't have a criteria to be an all of you also like me..? but i think abbas will be a good actor someday(don't angry ya abbas)..hahaha..

im coming home!

Its friday friday gotta get down on friday ;) ..
anyway just ended my pre calculus quiz . its a little bit tough . though , i think i can handle it like most PE / PG students . anyway , for those who hasnt done the test yet , good luck !

im going home after the friday prayer , so longg guys . have an enjoyable weekend !
see u next week :D !

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Today..I wrote an essay entitled 'the happiest day in my life'. I feel that today was the worst day of my essay writing. At first, I already write until paragraph 4 but, when I reread the essay title, I found that what I was writing not related to the topic. OMG! I was wasting my time. I just cancel the part that is not related to my essay title and continue writing. I only have 15 minutes to finish my essay. I'm in hurry. I just want to finish my essay and submit it before 7 p.m. I wrote the essay like people who new in essay writing. Luckly Abu Zarin and Hadam want to help me. Thanks guys, Finally, I finish my essay writing and submit it to Mr Bala. So...that all my story..
THE END.. :)

poster presentation

salam/hai :)
for the poster presentation,ainatul,naqiatul and fatin najwa want to be in a group.
so we hope that the others will be pairs,except for 3 of us

Wednesday, 15 June 2011







The plumbing system at V2C level 3 is so suckish. Since we came, the toilet is always flooded as there is a leakage of pipes on the ceiling of the toilet. So sad and annoying! :( We had to face flood every morning and every evening here when we want to use the toilet. To walk around the toilet is also hard. The water from the leak is also kind off dirty as in my opinion, it is from the 4th floor's toilet; I don't know, where else would it come from? So, this morning when I got into the toilet, the floor was not wet anymore. I was so relieved to see the plumbing system on the ceiling is all well again. Finally a clean toilet! LOL. Now the residents in the 3rd floor can use the toilet freely and comfortably :P Hopefully it stays like that for a long time!

I Am What I Am


what are the things that you've learnt at the tutor class today ? lets share  .
okay for me , the first thing is beware of Nipah virus ! .its worse than AIDS ;) .
secondly , being gay is being positive haha .

after a month....

life in campus is not as easy as I thought before this. Before this, many people say that life in campus is very exciting. My schedule is not like the previous school, Sometimes there are classes in the morning, sometimes at 10 or 11, it depends, but I fell that this schedule is sometimes quite hectic. With the assigment that I must hand in, with the tutorial work, call was very tiring. During my first week here, I can still play computer games, but now..I think I must forget about it for a while. More focus to my study. Yah...maybe..sometime I can play games but not always right.. ;-P hehe.. just for release my stress after a day with study..

study smart..

The week with flu~

Hi,everyone. Iris here. This is the first time i get sick in UTP. I am having flu and dry throat. I think is because of the weather here. Sometime it is too hot and too cold. So sad! The food here make my sickness worse.Everyday I am eating spicy and fried food. I hope there will be something suitable to eat. T.T..Now, having a meal like a nightmare to me. I can't eat fried chicken and spicy food. Yesterday I saw my friend having "naan" as her dinner, what a jealous feeling I have! Please...recover faster!!! You can stop me from anything but please don't stop me from eating my favourite food!

A weekend of enjoyment...

an episode from A-im CREW....
a weekend at Ipoh.. Jusco Jaya...
with Naaim and Zulfaqar...
on the way to enjoyment.. Naaim was very cheerful that day..haha..
want to be KL Gangster I guess

sleepy but awaken by the calling of the weekend..haha

first stop... play games while waiting for the time to go for a movie..
playing racing game with Naaim... haha...2nd place.. still not use to it..

this is what we want.. WELL-ROUNDED student... focus on study.. very2 concentrated when playing game.. haha.. maybe thats why he get 1st place... but I'm not serious yet....Note: prepared... I'll be waiting for the second match...haha..

Shopping...actually he was just posing in front of the camera.. maybe just surveying for a next shopping weekend ..haha

kitsu don...a Japanese food... but has been westernised..haha.. not bad.. its pretty delicious when our stomach is calling for 911 (very...very..very.. hungry..)

the ideas comes from this boy head.. a day before he told  us the he wanted to eat Japanese food.. now his dream become reality...haha.. looking into his face expression.. conclude how the food taste...

a very hungry person among us.. we just ate half of our lunch.. he had finished
well... thanks to him we have  a very nice weekend.. I think he needed a lot of energy.. for a driver..

emptying the plate.. fullfiling our stomach... a behaviour of good person... no wasting..haha

after lucnh... now we all have energy to srike the bowling pin..haha...  a match between us.. its very fun..
no4... Naaim..
I hope we all can play together again...(^___^)

okey... no more stress, enjoy your life... remember this famous idiom..
....all work & no play make us a dull person...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I'm Proud to be UTPian !

everything is ok food..perfect facilities..and the most important,, the beautiful mosque.. wee..I don't know how can I spent 5 years at here..does it will be a 5 years with cheers or not..hope this 5 years will give a lot of sweet memories before all of us pass with a flying colours yah..! hope all of us will always proud to be UTPian because surely we need to be here by hook or by crook..haha..(^_^)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

weekend in ipoh!!!!

Today, i spent my saturday with my friends in Ipoh and two of them are from our English tutorial group that is Hadam and Zulfaqar. We went to Jaya Jusco by car. Zul is driving while i am sitting next to him. We had our lunch there. I ate a Japanese food called kitsu don. It is very delicious dish that made my heart melt..hehe. We go shopping, have a bowling match, and also watching movie..

This movie is cool! trust me! 
hehehehehe.... :-)

Sorry for the service.. (^_^)

hello there.. I'm so sorry about the BG song.. I can't find the song that you all requested..or maybe I do find it..but the song can't be played... so.. this song you heard just now I hope you all enjoy it... but I'm still on quest to find the song that satisfy everyone... l'll do my  very best...(^___^)

just to make this blog more interesting,....

hello there... Can I add a background music for this blog?
example...everyone like Bruno Mars's song? like "just the way you are"...
or any other song you all wanted to suggest?...but it depends on availability..
I'm always here to make this blog awesome.....(^___^)

Weekend :)

hey guys!! Have a nice weekend okay. Make sure you do your pile of assignment! And also for Mr. Bala, enjoy your weekend :)
Let's meet again in another few days :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Tme to play...

Today I play futsal with Naaim..lot of laughts... only after 5 minutes we wiped out..haha... so tired.. I feel very symphaty to Naaim.. this is the first time he played futsal in UTP... its quite okay for the newbie like him... he feel very shy.. I also don't know what wrong with him..haha..  but , we have a great fun today.. even I feel very tired.. my stamina is no longer fit just like 5 month ago...haha...still need to exercise more.. UTP brothers or seniors are very nice.. they've invited us to play along with them.. and of course, we get to know each other.. well.. to all group member... excersice more.. stay healthy...(^____^)


Well, today is the first time I played football in the UTP.
It was a little bit tired because I didn't play football for a long time.
I already fill tired for just a few minute playing...
I ran out of stamina..
but, it doesn't matter...
I will refill it back..
hehehehe... ;-P

study and play...

Laughter can release stress :) .

Research has shown that the health benefits of laughter are far-ranging. While more studies need to be done, studies so far have shown that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, and even increase immunity. Positive psychology names the propensity for laughter and sense of humor as one of the 24 main signature strengths one can possess, and laughter yoga clubs are springing up across the country. Read on for more findings about the health benefits of laughter, and see how to incorporate more humor and fun into your life.

Yay , my first post . anyway laugh while u can , guys . :D :D

“Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”

Our Blog

We all know that this blog is new and such; so it's looking noob-like. :P Do you guys plan on letting this page be like it is or someone should do the editing to make this page looks more interesting? Ideas from everyone for the editor, perhaps? :)

I Am What I Am I remember my school slogan..DETERMINTION LEADS TO SUCCESS...sorry taking 1 week to remember it again..he2(^_^)


hey guys, just wanna share something with you guys, just now, at about 10pm, i went to sports complex with 7 of my friends. then, as we practicing playing netball, i fell down, and i felt so much pain now. pity me. till now, the pain hasn't gone. ouchhhh!! it's okay, and for your information, we have a netball tournament tomorrow, but then, the manager said, the game will be postponed to 17th of june. so, wish us best of luck!

Thursday, 9 June 2011


To all member of group 4..
n me..
wE Are The Best!!
oUr presentation is great but we must improve ourselves so that Mr Bala can be proud of US

To all group 1 member and ETG022 member... congratulation.. we all have done great job today...

SO SAD~~~~ :-(

what a shame!!
I fill very nervous just now until I forgot what I suppose to say..
last night I fill quiet confidence..
I don't no why today I fill so nervous..
oh GOD....
please help me.....

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Said: Hello to all group members...

HELLO THERE....(^__^) for tomorrow, make sure we all come out with an awesome presentation...  see you all tomorrow..9/06/11...

Cyber-ing :)

Hey guys, be prepared for tomorrow PRESENTATION. Make sure that you have enough points so that we can change ideas throughout this tutorial class with Mr. Bala!


Tomorrow we will have our presentation,so do our best!!