Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers' Day :))))

Happy Fathers' Day!!!

How you guys celebrate your Father' Day?
I can sure that most of us cannot celebrate with our father, right??
Haiz~~~So Sad!!!~~

My father now at Singapore~
Every year was the same for me~
Nothing special for every year~Haiz~
Hope for some surprise=((
Every year just a simple saying “HAPPY FATHERS' DAY!!”

I hope for more~
I hope I can celebrate with him once~
I hope I can say those three words in front of him~but not through the phone~
Just a simple wish~
When can it be fulfilled??
No one can tell me...............

 But is lucky to have a father~
I appreciate it so much~
I am lucky than those people who lost their father~
I am still the lucky one~
So I just wanna say...........

HaPpY fAtHeRs' DaY

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