Thursday, 16 June 2011


Today..I wrote an essay entitled 'the happiest day in my life'. I feel that today was the worst day of my essay writing. At first, I already write until paragraph 4 but, when I reread the essay title, I found that what I was writing not related to the topic. OMG! I was wasting my time. I just cancel the part that is not related to my essay title and continue writing. I only have 15 minutes to finish my essay. I'm in hurry. I just want to finish my essay and submit it before 7 p.m. I wrote the essay like people who new in essay writing. Luckly Abu Zarin and Hadam want to help me. Thanks guys, Finally, I finish my essay writing and submit it to Mr Bala. So...that all my story..
THE END.. :)


  1. it's okay naim. i also think that i didn't write anything related to the topic given.

  2. hehe..
    never mind..
    at least we try right.. :)