Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A weekend of enjoyment...

an episode from A-im CREW....
a weekend at Ipoh.. Jusco Jaya...
with Naaim and Zulfaqar...
on the way to enjoyment.. Naaim was very cheerful that day..haha..
want to be KL Gangster I guess

sleepy but awaken by the calling of the weekend..haha

first stop... play games while waiting for the time to go for a movie..
playing racing game with Naaim... haha...2nd place.. still not use to it..

this is what we want.. WELL-ROUNDED student... focus on study.. very2 concentrated when playing game.. haha.. maybe thats why he get 1st place... but I'm not serious yet....Note: prepared... I'll be waiting for the second match...haha..

Shopping...actually he was just posing in front of the camera.. maybe just surveying for a next shopping weekend ..haha

kitsu don...a Japanese food... but has been westernised..haha.. not bad.. its pretty delicious when our stomach is calling for 911 (very...very..very.. hungry..)

the ideas comes from this boy head.. a day before he told  us the he wanted to eat Japanese food.. now his dream become reality...haha.. looking into his face expression.. conclude how the food taste...

a very hungry person among us.. we just ate half of our lunch.. he had finished
well... thanks to him we have  a very nice weekend.. I think he needed a lot of energy.. for a driver..

emptying the plate.. fullfiling our stomach... a behaviour of good person... no wasting..haha

after lucnh... now we all have energy to srike the bowling pin..haha...  a match between us.. its very fun..
no4... Naaim..
I hope we all can play together again...(^___^)

okey... no more stress, enjoy your life... remember this famous idiom..
....all work & no play make us a dull person...

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