Friday, 29 July 2011

Oh, hi.

Hi, hello, beautiful people. I have lots of things going on in my head but for a reason I don't know, I can't figure them out. What. I'm so sleepy at the moment I think I'm feeling unconscious. And hey, did you watch the match a few hours back? Malaysia lost but to heck, never will I lose faith in our Malaysian Tigers. (Y) Oh wait, I think I should have posted up my One Man Band review by now. I don't even know what I'm talking about. My bed is seducing me, my stomach is rumbling and the only thing in mind now is home but assignments are clouding the image of home in my head. Why are you doing this to me? Oh God. You're so mean. Oh. I have quiz tomorrow. Someone just shut me up already. Okay. Goodnight. Let's end this post with a huge smile.


That's not even huge. Cheat my feelings, man.

Hey, look! Beautiful, isn't it? Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow!

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Sometime life just go on with diverse way. We are interacting with different types of people everyday. Respect is the value that everyone should know and use. However, things just doesn't go on as we think. Many people doesn't know how to respect people when they expect to get respect from people instead. Respect does important when we treat a friend. They expect us to respect their decision, their view or opinion, but they doesn't respect ours. Instead, they keep on hurting us with mock and "stab" us with words. Is it the way we treat a friends? I hope everyone of us will treat our friend nicely and have a wonderful friendship. ^^

The Man's competition (One Man Band) : ANALYSIS OF CHARACTER

Here is some analysis on the the movie "One Man Band". I think the main character in the movie is the little girl. She is a dynamic character and I think she is a antagonist in the movie. Why do I say that she is a dynamic character? This is because she undergo a change in her character through her action. Firstly, she is innocent and helpless when she feel hesitated to donate to the musicians. Both of the musicians do all their to show their talent to the girl. They hope that the girl can donate the coin which is in her hand to them. But at last, the coin fall into the drain. Then, her character starts to change. Now, she is a hot temper person. She feels angry and she ask the coin back from both of the musician. One of the musician give a small violin to her in order to pleased her. She portray her talent to the musician when playing the violin. Her talent is given a reward. Her reward is a bag of coins. She then take out two coins and show them to the musician. Now, she become a cruel person. She throw away the coins instead of giving to the musician. She take the revenge. This shows that she is a selfish and greedy person as she takes the bag of coins without sharing some of it with the two musician.Therefore, from the above evidence, I can say that the little girl is an antagonist as she is hot temper, cruel, selfish and greedy.

Besides this, the two musicians are a dynamic character too. At first,they are a proud and cocky person. They swagger as they are excellent in playing all type of music instruments all at once. They are a very competitive person. They compete with each other in order to get the reward of coin from the little girl. Therefore, they shows their talent by playing all types of instruments at once. However, their personality change to be helpless and innocent person. They beg the coins from the girl but the girl throw away the coins instead of giving them.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


1st August: Submission of Precalculus assignment.
3rd August: Poster Presentation for English 1. (I'm the bloody first pair to present)
1st week of August: Submission of Assignments and Tutorials from Chapter 6 to 10 for Physics 1.
1st week of August: Physics Lab Test.
10th August: PreCalculus Test 2.
10th August: Submission of Chemistry 2nd and final assignment.
10th August: Submission of English 1 Portfolio.
11th August: Drama Presentation for English 1.
12th August: Physics Test 2.
13th August: Chemistry Test 2.

Can life get any better? *sarcasm*

I Am What I Am

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

a Theme of Competition...

     From the movie of 'One Man Band', the theme of the story is competition between two characters in getting something valuable. The competition is shown clearly between the two musicians who competes in order to attract the cute little girl and gets the gold coin as a reward. At the beginning of the story, there are no competition for the first musician to impress the heart of the little girl with a beautiful melody of the music he played. And of course hoping a gold coin as a token from the little girl who wanted to throw the coin into the fountain and make a wish. But suddenly, the second musician setup his stage and plays a lovely violin music that fascinates the little girl. From there onward, the competition between the two musicians continue until both of them frightened the girl and she slip her coin. The coin rolls and then fall into the drains. The irony is when both of the musicians badly wanted the gold coin and prefer to compete witch each other but at the end both of them missed the chance to hold the gold coin. In life, we need to compete with the other in order to reach our target. But sometimes we cannot get what we really want even after competing with the other so badly. Our life depends on what are we struggling for and of course the opportunities that lies ahead. Look up for any opportunities, compete with each other and strunggle for it.

Addition- When both of the musicians didn't get what they wanted which is the gold coin, they are able to think other alternatives to fulfill their target. When the little girl tosses two gold coins into the fountain at the upper part of it, there comes the alternative where the two musicians cooperate with each other in order to reach the upper part of the fountain and take the gold coins. Both of them are struggling until the night comes. This shows that the little girl is a very smart or intelligent girl. She wanted to teach the two musician about the meaning of cooperation and to cooperate with each other in order to get gold coins.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Theme of One Man Band: Cooperation with Others

In the show, there are two musicians in the plaza who are competing with each other to impress the little girl to give away her gold coin to one of them. One of them is playing bass and the other one is playing violin. They come out with many ideas try to impress the girl and to tell the little girl that themselves are better than the other one. They are so obsess in competing with each other that they forget the purpose of why they are playing music in the plaza ( to make people feels relax and fun ) instead they frightened the little girl. The little girl is so afraid that she uses both her hand to cover her ears and drops the gold coin. The gold coin falls into the drain .

The little girl who losses her coin asks for compensation from both of the musicians. Since both of them do not have any gold coin , the girl ask for a little violin. The girl plays the violin and all of a sudden, a bag of gold coins falls in front of her. She takes out two gold coin and pretends to give them away to both of the musician. Both of the musician also think she is going to give away the gold coins to them , therefore they move closer. The little girl flashes the gold coin in front of their eyes then throws the two gold coin inside the plaza fountain.

In the end , neither of the musician get the gold coins.

From the show , if both the musicians are cooperating with each other , they will have play a very great music performance by combining the sound of two musical instruments and therefore attract more attention and earn more money. At least if both of them cooperate with each other at the beginning , they would have earn a gold coin together and better than nothing at all in the end .




Sunday, 24 July 2011

Literally Elements Present in "One Man Band"

During last English 1 lecturer,I had watched a short video with the title "ONE MAN BAND".This story's setting was in a Town Plaza.A musician with all his drum set  was performed at a side of the plaza.As he saw the little girl with her only gold coin,he tried to attract her attention by music.Before this, the main purpose of this little girl is making a wish with a gold coin.At the other side of the plaza,there was also a rival band man with all his string instrument which also wish to get that only gold coin in the little girl's hand.They compete vigorously but ended up with frightened the little girl and pityfully the gold coin rolled and dropped into the drain.The little girl was frustrated because she cannot make the wish .She requested a violin from them and performed in front of them.Both of them was stunning and surprised.The litte girl had been awarded a bag of gold coin with her amazing performance.She tried to treat both of them with two gold coins but ended up with throwing the two gold coins inside the wishing pond instead of giving them the coins to both of them.
From here,I can conclude some characteristics of the little girl.She is a round character in this movie although at first she is easily influenced by other people and hard to make decision by ignoring both musician and only concentrates on making wish.At the begining of this story she seems know nothing regarding music,but at the end suprisingly she can perform the violin even much more better than both of them.She is also a dynamic character in this movie.At first she looks so nice and adorable but when her gold coin lost,she became another kind of person.Instead of giving the money to both musicians,she threw in inside the pond.Irony happens is a tragic.Supposing both the musician can earn a lot of money if they cooperate with each other.But now since they are competing with each other to get the only coin,the movie ended up with both of them gain nothing although they have done a lot of effort in pleasing the little girl.The little was being annoyed and willing to throw the coins into the pond instead of giving them.Another irony happens is a comic where the little girl at the end is getting the coin to make wish in the pond although the first gold coin is missing.The theme for this movie is cooperation.From the movie we can see that is that if both of them perform together,there was totally differences as they perform by their own.This shows that human should not compete with each other all the time.Sometimes we need to cooperate with others to gain a better result.Thats all literally elements i can find from this short movie.Hope for those who havent watch the movie will enjoy the show.The things i can say that this movie is best because of the amazing music as the backdrop.:)))

Anything grammar mistakes please kindly correct it.=))

Saturday, 23 July 2011

One Man Band

hey.Its ONE MAN BAND.Take a look.

First thing that i want to say is Thank you to Mr. Razol for showing us One Man Band because this short movie made by PIXAR was really great.The movie comes with a lot of humour.The setting looks to be a fountain somewhere in Paris. Near the fountain stands a one man band, complete with drums and horns and all manner of noisemakers. He looks down sadly at his empty tin tip cup. At that moment, a small girl enters the fountain area and heads towards the water's edge, pulling out a shiny gold coin as she goes. This prompts the band man to start playing, excited at the prospect of a coin in his cup.The man think that his could win heart of the kid. The young girl is now torn between the man and the fountain. Enter another complication. A rival band man is across the other side of the fountain with his powerful violin and guitar. He is bedecked with all manner of stringed instruments, and his playful performance draws the young girl's attention.The first one man band felt unsatisfied but his not give all what he can to beat the crap.

The best thing about this story is the manipulation of the music and the scene showing in this movie.Looks clasic and at the same time look fresh.The plot of the story are interesting and not heavy at all.3 character play a good role and the last thing that i want to say is the movie was so funny.
if there any grammar error.Please correct it.Lets us enrich our English.


Friday, 22 July 2011


yesterday is my first English test.. it is a listening test.. i quite confuse about what i heard.. but.. at the end.. i can manage to finish the test.. the things that i can still remember about the test is, it tells us something about forest.. the benefit of forest and what is actually happened  to our forest today. some of the benefit that i still can remember is we can make a paper from the forest tree, we can get herbs from forest to make a medicine and many more. forest also act as the catchment area so that we can get water from there. it also provide an oxygen to us that is one of the major necessity in our life. people nowadays didn't think about how important forest it is , but just thinks for their importance only. there take advantage by making profit with logging out of control and many more. this should be noted by everyone so that we can keep the forest for the next generation.


Monday, 18 July 2011

a word for the souls;

 A group of alumni ,
highly established in their careers ,
got together to visit their old university professor ,
conversation soon turned into complaints ,
about stress and work in life .

Offering his guests coffee,
the professor went to the kitchen ,
and returned with a large pot of coffee ,
and an assortment of cups ,

porcelain , plastic , glass , crystal ;
some plain looking ,
some expensive ,
some exquisite ,

He told his guests to help themselves to the coffee ,
After everyone had a cup of coffee in hand ,
the professor said : ''If you noticed , all the nice
looking expensive cups have been taken up ,
leaving behind the plain and cheap ones ,

While it is normal for you to want only
the best for yourselves , that is the source of
your problems and stress.
Be assured that the cup adds no quality to the coffee.

In most cases , its just more expensive ,
and in some cases ,even hides what we drink .
What all of you really wanted was the coffee ,not the cup.
But you consciously went for the best cups ..
And then you began eyeing each other's cups
to see who had the best one .

Now consider this....
Life is the coffee;
the jobs , money and position in society are the cups .
They are just tools to hold and contain LIFE
and the type of cups we have does not define ,
nor change the quality of life we have .
Sometimes , by only concentrating on the cup ,
we fail to enjoy the coffee .
Savor the coffee , not the cups !
The happiest people dont have the best of everything .
but they make the best of everything !

Live simply ,
Speak kindly ,
Care deeply ,
Love generously ;

Life is like a cup of coffee :) .

Friday, 15 July 2011

Good luck peeps !

good luck in chemistry test this evening for engineering students ! hope you will pass with flying colours .

stay cool to perform better

Thursday, 14 July 2011


Today.. Mr Bala give us a task for us to do as the activity for this week..the task is, we must act as a news reader and we must read a news about local, international and sport. Hadam and I work as a pair, I want to share to all of you what we have create for our news..this is our Local News!

p\s : This news is not involving any person who is still alive or had died.....


In Ipoh Perak, this morning at 9 am, an accident was happened at kilometre 53 north south highway. This accident involved 2 car that is Perodua Viva and Proton Waja and also a bus from Mesra Alam Company. This accident cause 2 death and 20 injured severely. Based on the police investigation, the two person who died is a couple from Tronoh that is Abu Zarin Bin Mansor and Alya Nabilah Binti Megat Terawis. All the injured was sent to the Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun. This accident cause a major traffic jam. So for the highway users, you are advise to use alternative road.

Is that INTERESTING?? : p


Thanks to each and everyone of you beautiful people, we managed to get RM 39.55 for Rumah Seri Kenangan. That's awesome!

Thank you so much, guys! God, I'm so happy! This will mean so much to the old folks. :') THANKS!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Out Of Plan Holidays

 Woke up in the morning, I realized that today is the last day of our mid-semester break. I really can't believed that. Time pass so fast without my knowledge . Four days of mid-semester break just passed through like that. I still have the feeling that the mid-semester break is just about going to start but it already comes to the end . I had been expecting the holidays for 7 weeks ( actually the day I started the class I had been expecting the holidays, haha ) and it just comes to the end .

  While I am writing this post, I am also recalling my memories of what had I done for the past few days . Unfortunately , it seemed I did nothing at all except sitting in front of the computer watching drama shows.Actually, I did plan for what I should  do during the mid-semester break like study for the four major subjects , do exercises, do revision , rest and so on . So far , it seemed I did not accomplish what I had planned ( except my eyes really did a lot of exercises and even overtime  work ).
-SIGH !!-


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sheep Short!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bodyguard Services...

You don't know what danger is lurking you behind your shadow...
feel unsafe..?... don't worry.. we will always be there for you...



Monday, 4 July 2011

be urself ~

First rule, never let em change you
Rule two, do you to the fullest
And never be ashamed to
Your just good at what they can't do
And they hate that, they wanna paint you
In they color, put you on another
But what they don't accept, and what they don't see
The best thing is what you already be

Uh yeah
The definition of real is
If you don't feel then you don't you feel it
Don't conceal it, don't be fair
You look great only silicon will bill it
A botox to kill it
You just killin off spirit
And you the one that you gotta live with
So don't get caught up in appearance
And see the inner beauty

When you look off in the mirrors

Dont worry , be happy

''Every cloud has a silver lining''

ever heard of this idiom ? it means that no matter how painful or difficult your situation is , theres always something positive out of it . we just have to learn from our past errors and move on . so in our life , no matter study or whatever else , if we failed , that doesnt mean we will fail forever . just keep working harder and harder and at a point , you will succeed .

“Success is not final and failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”
courage !! . This is the most essential characteristic of a succesful person .A person who never gives up and have the courage to move on , he/she is the one who are the one who will improve and succeed at last .
You never want to be the little grey man or woman hidding in the corner.  You want to be in the action.  Get in the fight.  Get punched.  Maybe, get your ass kicked.  Get up.  Tough, tougher, toughest.  Yes, it hurts.  Get angry.  Keep going.
Conclusion : whatever your test result is , dont be upset and learn from it !
Never say never~

Sunday, 3 July 2011


n so we talk all night about the rest of our life.
what we gonna be when we 25th.
i keep thinking time will never change.
keep on thingking things always be the same!

when we look back now,
no more hanging out cause we are different track,
so this how what i feel.

and as we go on,
we remembered
all the time
we had together
ang as our life change
come whatever
we will still be
friend forever,
it not too late useless you are dead.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Having physics test last Friday~It was just a numb Friday~
I just having myself stuck in the questions and cannot even got out from it~
I knew myself had done a terrible test~
Full of dissapointment on myself~
I just regret~
I will score better if i put more effort in it~
But nothing gonna change~
I had done it badly~
This is the fact~~~I am just~~SO SAD T.T

Today was a nice Saturday with nice weather~Hehe~
Gonna hang out with my buddies~
We watch TRANSFORMER-Dark of the Moon~
It was just amazing~BRAVO!!
My brain just cannot stop thinking on it~
Although the movie was over~
I'm so excited~

Pressures had gone~
Just forget the test~
All will start from the beginning~
Life is just full of dissapointment and excitement~
It is just a matter that how you wanna cope with it~
Try your best~and DO THE BEST for YOURSELF~
Stay happy and smile:)))
And everyday will be a nice day:)))


FOUR MORE DAYS TO GO.... waaaa... mid sem break!! i love holidays but.. this coming break is not like other break before.. we still need to study.. i think this coming break is the perfect time for all of us to look back and  review what we have learned throughout this semester..yeah, i think we all so busy and didn't have enough time to review back one by one what we have learned before.. so, good luck friends.. hope you all can get what you all aimed before.. :-)