Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Man's competition (One Man Band) : ANALYSIS OF CHARACTER

Here is some analysis on the the movie "One Man Band". I think the main character in the movie is the little girl. She is a dynamic character and I think she is a antagonist in the movie. Why do I say that she is a dynamic character? This is because she undergo a change in her character through her action. Firstly, she is innocent and helpless when she feel hesitated to donate to the musicians. Both of the musicians do all their to show their talent to the girl. They hope that the girl can donate the coin which is in her hand to them. But at last, the coin fall into the drain. Then, her character starts to change. Now, she is a hot temper person. She feels angry and she ask the coin back from both of the musician. One of the musician give a small violin to her in order to pleased her. She portray her talent to the musician when playing the violin. Her talent is given a reward. Her reward is a bag of coins. She then take out two coins and show them to the musician. Now, she become a cruel person. She throw away the coins instead of giving to the musician. She take the revenge. This shows that she is a selfish and greedy person as she takes the bag of coins without sharing some of it with the two musician.Therefore, from the above evidence, I can say that the little girl is an antagonist as she is hot temper, cruel, selfish and greedy.

Besides this, the two musicians are a dynamic character too. At first,they are a proud and cocky person. They swagger as they are excellent in playing all type of music instruments all at once. They are a very competitive person. They compete with each other in order to get the reward of coin from the little girl. Therefore, they shows their talent by playing all types of instruments at once. However, their personality change to be helpless and innocent person. They beg the coins from the girl but the girl throw away the coins instead of giving them.

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