Saturday, 23 July 2011

One Man Band

hey.Its ONE MAN BAND.Take a look.

First thing that i want to say is Thank you to Mr. Razol for showing us One Man Band because this short movie made by PIXAR was really great.The movie comes with a lot of humour.The setting looks to be a fountain somewhere in Paris. Near the fountain stands a one man band, complete with drums and horns and all manner of noisemakers. He looks down sadly at his empty tin tip cup. At that moment, a small girl enters the fountain area and heads towards the water's edge, pulling out a shiny gold coin as she goes. This prompts the band man to start playing, excited at the prospect of a coin in his cup.The man think that his could win heart of the kid. The young girl is now torn between the man and the fountain. Enter another complication. A rival band man is across the other side of the fountain with his powerful violin and guitar. He is bedecked with all manner of stringed instruments, and his playful performance draws the young girl's attention.The first one man band felt unsatisfied but his not give all what he can to beat the crap.

The best thing about this story is the manipulation of the music and the scene showing in this movie.Looks clasic and at the same time look fresh.The plot of the story are interesting and not heavy at all.3 character play a good role and the last thing that i want to say is the movie was so funny.
if there any grammar error.Please correct it.Lets us enrich our English.


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