Friday, 22 July 2011


yesterday is my first English test.. it is a listening test.. i quite confuse about what i heard.. but.. at the end.. i can manage to finish the test.. the things that i can still remember about the test is, it tells us something about forest.. the benefit of forest and what is actually happened  to our forest today. some of the benefit that i still can remember is we can make a paper from the forest tree, we can get herbs from forest to make a medicine and many more. forest also act as the catchment area so that we can get water from there. it also provide an oxygen to us that is one of the major necessity in our life. people nowadays didn't think about how important forest it is , but just thinks for their importance only. there take advantage by making profit with logging out of control and many more. this should be noted by everyone so that we can keep the forest for the next generation.


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