Monday, 25 July 2011

Theme of One Man Band: Cooperation with Others

In the show, there are two musicians in the plaza who are competing with each other to impress the little girl to give away her gold coin to one of them. One of them is playing bass and the other one is playing violin. They come out with many ideas try to impress the girl and to tell the little girl that themselves are better than the other one. They are so obsess in competing with each other that they forget the purpose of why they are playing music in the plaza ( to make people feels relax and fun ) instead they frightened the little girl. The little girl is so afraid that she uses both her hand to cover her ears and drops the gold coin. The gold coin falls into the drain .

The little girl who losses her coin asks for compensation from both of the musicians. Since both of them do not have any gold coin , the girl ask for a little violin. The girl plays the violin and all of a sudden, a bag of gold coins falls in front of her. She takes out two gold coin and pretends to give them away to both of the musician. Both of the musician also think she is going to give away the gold coins to them , therefore they move closer. The little girl flashes the gold coin in front of their eyes then throws the two gold coin inside the plaza fountain.

In the end , neither of the musician get the gold coins.

From the show , if both the musicians are cooperating with each other , they will have play a very great music performance by combining the sound of two musical instruments and therefore attract more attention and earn more money. At least if both of them cooperate with each other at the beginning , they would have earn a gold coin together and better than nothing at all in the end .




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