Tuesday, 26 July 2011

a Theme of Competition...

     From the movie of 'One Man Band', the theme of the story is competition between two characters in getting something valuable. The competition is shown clearly between the two musicians who competes in order to attract the cute little girl and gets the gold coin as a reward. At the beginning of the story, there are no competition for the first musician to impress the heart of the little girl with a beautiful melody of the music he played. And of course hoping a gold coin as a token from the little girl who wanted to throw the coin into the fountain and make a wish. But suddenly, the second musician setup his stage and plays a lovely violin music that fascinates the little girl. From there onward, the competition between the two musicians continue until both of them frightened the girl and she slip her coin. The coin rolls and then fall into the drains. The irony is when both of the musicians badly wanted the gold coin and prefer to compete witch each other but at the end both of them missed the chance to hold the gold coin. In life, we need to compete with the other in order to reach our target. But sometimes we cannot get what we really want even after competing with the other so badly. Our life depends on what are we struggling for and of course the opportunities that lies ahead. Look up for any opportunities, compete with each other and strunggle for it.

Addition- When both of the musicians didn't get what they wanted which is the gold coin, they are able to think other alternatives to fulfill their target. When the little girl tosses two gold coins into the fountain at the upper part of it, there comes the alternative where the two musicians cooperate with each other in order to reach the upper part of the fountain and take the gold coins. Both of them are struggling until the night comes. This shows that the little girl is a very smart or intelligent girl. She wanted to teach the two musician about the meaning of cooperation and to cooperate with each other in order to get gold coins.


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