Sunday, 10 July 2011

Out Of Plan Holidays

 Woke up in the morning, I realized that today is the last day of our mid-semester break. I really can't believed that. Time pass so fast without my knowledge . Four days of mid-semester break just passed through like that. I still have the feeling that the mid-semester break is just about going to start but it already comes to the end . I had been expecting the holidays for 7 weeks ( actually the day I started the class I had been expecting the holidays, haha ) and it just comes to the end .

  While I am writing this post, I am also recalling my memories of what had I done for the past few days . Unfortunately , it seemed I did nothing at all except sitting in front of the computer watching drama shows.Actually, I did plan for what I should  do during the mid-semester break like study for the four major subjects , do exercises, do revision , rest and so on . So far , it seemed I did not accomplish what I had planned ( except my eyes really did a lot of exercises and even overtime  work ).
-SIGH !!-


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