Sunday, 24 July 2011

Literally Elements Present in "One Man Band"

During last English 1 lecturer,I had watched a short video with the title "ONE MAN BAND".This story's setting was in a Town Plaza.A musician with all his drum set  was performed at a side of the plaza.As he saw the little girl with her only gold coin,he tried to attract her attention by music.Before this, the main purpose of this little girl is making a wish with a gold coin.At the other side of the plaza,there was also a rival band man with all his string instrument which also wish to get that only gold coin in the little girl's hand.They compete vigorously but ended up with frightened the little girl and pityfully the gold coin rolled and dropped into the drain.The little girl was frustrated because she cannot make the wish .She requested a violin from them and performed in front of them.Both of them was stunning and surprised.The litte girl had been awarded a bag of gold coin with her amazing performance.She tried to treat both of them with two gold coins but ended up with throwing the two gold coins inside the wishing pond instead of giving them the coins to both of them.
From here,I can conclude some characteristics of the little girl.She is a round character in this movie although at first she is easily influenced by other people and hard to make decision by ignoring both musician and only concentrates on making wish.At the begining of this story she seems know nothing regarding music,but at the end suprisingly she can perform the violin even much more better than both of them.She is also a dynamic character in this movie.At first she looks so nice and adorable but when her gold coin lost,she became another kind of person.Instead of giving the money to both musicians,she threw in inside the pond.Irony happens is a tragic.Supposing both the musician can earn a lot of money if they cooperate with each other.But now since they are competing with each other to get the only coin,the movie ended up with both of them gain nothing although they have done a lot of effort in pleasing the little girl.The little was being annoyed and willing to throw the coins into the pond instead of giving them.Another irony happens is a comic where the little girl at the end is getting the coin to make wish in the pond although the first gold coin is missing.The theme for this movie is cooperation.From the movie we can see that is that if both of them perform together,there was totally differences as they perform by their own.This shows that human should not compete with each other all the time.Sometimes we need to cooperate with others to gain a better result.Thats all literally elements i can find from this short movie.Hope for those who havent watch the movie will enjoy the show.The things i can say that this movie is best because of the amazing music as the backdrop.:)))

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  1. money change person's attitude . the girl at first who just got one coin easily donate to those musicians . but after awhile , when she got a bag of coins , her attitude just change . and become stinks . sooo antagonistic ;)