Wednesday, 24 August 2011

One Man Band

One Man Band!!
Another masterpiece from PIXAR..
The message that we clearly see as clear as crystal in this story is YOU MUST CONTROL YOUR FEELINGS!!! Why? The reason is clearly showed in this story. The Two musician conveyed a characteristic of the one who have a competing spirit among them, to attract the listener and have them to donate coin as appreciation sign but the greed in their heart grow with exceed rate making them compete and end up with tips jar without coin. During the credit in this story, the two musician become allies to get the coin in the top of fountain that cute face girl throw with no guilty feeling. On the other hand, the cute girl in early minutes in this story carry good attitude which is generous, she got a feeling to donate the coin to the musician, but become confuse and scare because of the two musician seems like trying to forcing her to get the coin. The turning point starts when the coin that own by the cute girl fall into the drain, the girls feel so angry, asked for compensate from the two musician but of course the both musician have no money. A s last resort she asked for a small violin fro the musician that played violin. After several times tune up the violin, she played like professional and end up with a bag full with gold coin, and with cute face that hold the angry, smile and throw two gold coin into the fountain with smile, evil smile. From the nice innocent cute girl turns up to be heartless cute girl because of a coin. This situation also can be the irony of this story, ONE MAN BAND!!!

thats all, TATA!

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