Friday, 5 August 2011

Let's Move On >>>>

Everyone of us have done something that we regret for. No matter it's a big mistake or small. I always regret that I spent most of my time watching TV and not doing anything else and it caused me to loss many very wonderful thing that happen around me. For example: Valuable time to spent with family and friends, to do something meaningful, and of course, my study.

When i get bad result, i always regret that i didn'd spent my time wisely. I used to use a year or more to put myself in regret of the mistakes that i have done in my life. Then I found out that i have done nothing to help the situatuion to get better and i was just wasting my time in regret.

Therefore, I starts to move on. I try do things more rationally like be careful to what I am going to said and done and hopes not to hurt anybody's feeling and be thankful of  what I have now .

Here is an email that I received that is very meaningful ( in my opinion ) I would like to share it with you guys ...

 Just a reminder :
Never waste time regretting or expecting too much in your life.Yesterday is history.Tomorrow is a mystery.But Today is a gift - and that is why it is called the PRESENT.

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