Wednesday, 3 August 2011


First of all,the story of one man band is about two man who are struggle to find money for their lives and they battle to each other to win a girl heart so that they can get her money.In the end,both of them didn't manage to get the money but instead of them,the girl manage to get a lot of money from some people because of her good performance playing the piano.So,the theme is greedy.People who greed to aim something without thinking first will get nothing in the end.In addition,there are 4 characters in this short movie,firstly the man who plays the drums and the guy who plays piano.Both of them are greedy.Second,the girl,she is clever and cannot decide which musician who she like.The setting in at the plaza town in old time century.The irony of the short story is the girl manage to gain a lot of money instead of both of the musician.The value is we should not be greedy because we will not gaining any advantage of being greedy.

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