Friday, 5 August 2011

Busy Week Ahead

In the blink of eyes ,it's already comes to the end of this semester. everybody seems to in a rush of something. Lecturer are in the rush to finish the syllabus that have been assigned. Most student are in the rush to prepare their assignment , homework , portfolio that needed to hand up , I ,myself is included.

Next week will be like a "disaster" to me. I am going to sit for three tests, PhysisI test, ChemistryI test and Pre-calculus test next week. All of the three tests are going to be conducted in the same week. This is'giant' problem to me as I still haven't done any revision for the three main subject above !!

Besides that, I still have to do drama presentation. It's really hard to go through the preparation of the presentation as too much work need to be done. A Chinese proverb once said that :" A minute on the stage needs ton of work behind the scene." Now I know it is absolutely correct.

Therefore , good luck to all my friends who are going to do drama presentation next week . BREAK A LEG ( Good Luck )!!!

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