Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A Difficult Decision I Have To Make

The day i got my SPM result is one of my greatest day in my life, that is because i am able to got 7A in the examnination. My family were all happy for me. I am so glad and thankful to god during that time. After i got home, my mother immediately asked me to photostat my certificate vitae and SPM result for applying further syudies. So i did research about some university that suit me. My ambition from my childhood is to be a pilot, so i did some research about it.

My first application is to KISSTA, a pilot academy in Melacca.from the terms and condition, i qualify to continue my study there. But after discussing with my family, it seems that being a pilot is very risky and the cost for getting the license itself is tremendously expensive and it does not assure a guarantee of job. So, i forget about to be a pilot and moved to my second ambition which is to be an engineer same as my father.

My father does not supported me very much in being an engineer that is because he said that the job is very tiring and its study is very dificult which is the standard is much higher than usual course, but i refuse and want to chase my ambition. My father agreed with me and help me in finding the best university in engineering.

After two days of discussion and searching, i had decided to applied for University Technology of Petronas. I thought i will have a great oppoturnity in studying in the university because my father work in Petronas company and he has some friends that can help me to get in. But i refuse my father to help because i want to get in the university by my own effort.

After sending the form, i was called for an interview three weeks after that, i was so nervous during the interview as i am not very familiar with using English language in speaking. During the interview, cold sweat run down my head and i had not done a good job in the interview.But thankfully, i was chosen to be one of the student in the university.

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