Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Best Friend,

My best friend,Asyraf is the best friend i would ever had, he is very open-minded person and very kind to me.Before go to sleep, we always share our problems and talk about our day. He always take care of me and fun to hang out with. He who like a brother to me here in UTP when my family is far away in melacca.

Asyraf is a 166 centimeter tall with a weight of 75 kg and his hair is very stylish. He always has a cold every morning and sneeze all the time but in the evening he will be allright. He said it is because of the cold weather that he can't withsatnd.

Asyraf is a happy go lucky person. He has brilliant jokes to share and it makes me laugh all the time. His laugh is very funny and i am very glad to hear it every time.i am so lucky to had him as my roommate.

He is also a caring person.Whenever i had problems to deal with, he will always be there for me.he often wake me every morning to go to class cause i am not very good in waking up early in the morning. If i did not finish my assignment, he will let me borrow his and allow me to copy it. I
know it is an illegal things to do but i only do it in desperate time.

Asyraf also a very good servant of good. He prays five times a day and fast everyday in Ramadhan.Well, you see Asyraf is my best friend and i am so thankful to have a friend like him. I hope this friendship will last forever and ever.

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